3 things to do when you feel you are all over the place

When we feel we feel we are not grounded, it is usually because we are literally

all over the place. 

It usually happens when …

  • our thoughts are unclear
  • we are always in constant movement that we don’t have time to process / digest


This affects our lives by causing

  • stress
  • unclear worry
  • exhaustion


Some of the tips are …

  • ① slow down your life 
    • schedule a time for yourself
      • If you are extremely busy ⇒schedule 5 minute where you just do lie down.
      • Start writing down why you are busy.

What specific action of yours made you become very busy. (ex. not vocalizing) What inner dialogue do you have? 

      • If you don’t know yourself / don’t want to confront yourself and that is why you are making yourself busy ⇒ start taking baby steps to confront yourself


  • ② write down the following: 
    • Write down your current thought
  • when you write down, you realize that you are actually thinking most of the time 2 – 3 things repetitively in an inefficient manner

    • Write down ideal situation 
    • Write down what action you can take to increase the possibility of experiencing your ideal situation 


  • ③ Go near the ground 


  • Go to nature or just your house floor. This feels rooted

In ancient times, they say that when they go into a circle to speak, they are sitting on ground to feel rooted and to feel connected within themselves and also the universe.

  • Grounding yoga pose




If you would like to have some assistance, feel free to contact me




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