Tips to how to declutter

Let’s be honest here.
Do you have a lot of stuff in your living space, working space or your schedule?
Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by it or feel exhausted?
If so, let’s do something about it.
There is no reason to continue creating an environment like that which makes you feels stressed. 




TIPS to declutter

👉🏽 Everyday just spend 5 – 10 min cleaning / organizing and throw away what you have not used!

👉🏽 Throw away anything that does not bring you the spark! (#mariekondo)

👉🏽 Throw away which you have not used for the past 6 months!

👉🏽 Schedule your time that is aligned with what is most valuable for you! To do this, identify what is not serving you and take action to replace with action that will be more serving


Apply for 90 min trial session to know whether my logical or loving approach works for you
(Your investment for new insight + action plan: 2,500 yen)
Photo by Natalia Lewandowska
👆🏽contact her to have your photo taken😌

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