About affirmations

Screen Shot 2019-08-10 at 8.35.28 AMMany people have GREAT doubt when doing affirmation. One person told me, “I have tried before. It never worked” 

I asked him how many times did he practiced. He shyly responded, “3 times” 


👉🏽AFFIRMATION can only work if it is CONSISTENT with emotional intensity.

👉🏽This is because what affirmation is doing is rewiring your neural pathway.

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If affirmation has worked for many people, why don’t you try?

Even if you don’t believe in the words of the affirmation like “I am enough”, start saying it to rewire your brain.

👉🏽You have to start somewhere or else you will never change



Personally speaking, when I did not love myself, it was extremely hard telling myself, “I love myself” in front of the mirror. It was extremely painful that I remember crying when I was saying that in front of the mirror. 


10 year later from that part of my life, I genuinely love myself!

Making excuses and saying that affirmation does not work will make sure you will stay the same

  • 👉🏽If you want to stay the same, make excuses. 

  • 👉🏽If you want to change, start taking different action! 

As Albert Einstein said, “Insanity is when you do the same thing expecting different thing” 

Screen Shot 2019-07-15 at 7.54.06 PM

If you are serious in self-growth, then,

apply for my  90 MIN TRIAL SESSION to check

whether my LOGICAL or LOVING approach works for you





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