How to follow your intuition

When you only dwell in what your society expects you to do, you will never be happy.

You will have a sense of void.

However, when you follow your joy or intuition, you will inevitably be more happier.

Every month, ask yourself;

  • What brings me joy?
  • ✅What makes me forget about time? 
  • ✅If anything is possible and if I am not in my current condition or restriction, what do I actually want to do? 
  • What action can I take this month to do the above?


Every night, ask yourself;

  • ✅What did I do today that brought me joy? 
  • ✅What action did I take today for the future I want?
If you struggle to follow your intuition,
take action to overcome your struggle
to reduce the amount of stress, worries you may have!



So, start taking action!

One action you can take is to find a life coach that fits you

because when you have guidance, it helps you to propel your growth




Apply for 90 min trial session to know whether my logical or loving approach works for you
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