IDEA about surrender

(ENGLISH BELOW – Thought on Surrender)

「今」に身を委ねる = 「今」にリラックス することなんだということに最近気づきました。氷のお風呂に入る機会があり、何か考えてしまうと、「もう無理!私にはできない!もうここから出たい!」と恐怖に陷いてしまうが、「今」にリラックスすると、嫌なことに対しての抵抗がなくなり恐怖が消え、「今」を生きることに気付けました。



I always wondered what “surrendered” meant since few years ago.

Every year, I am exploring what it means to surrender. As for now, surrender means to relaxing into the now without control and with effortless ease.  


How I came to find this is from my ice bath experience few weeks ago. In this experience, I have physically learned that if you relax into the space, all is okay. When you are thinking in the future or past, your mind start to panic. All you just need is to relax into the space through breath. 



This is such a profound learning for me because I can apply this wisdom that the water kindly taught me. I don’t need to try anything or push anything.

When you resist on things you don’t like, it becomes more strong. So, simply just allow it to happen and relax into it as you welcome yourself to eternity that hides so openly in the NOW 

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