Journaling with Angels

Showing my current journaling method!

As I am exploring journaling, the method that best resonate with me right now is inviting in the unseen force to assist you in my inner journey. The shamans had always been working with spirits and as I went to the Amazon Forest + took Priestess training where I am surrounded by people who work with elements and spirits, I find them very powerful and real.

Therefore, in my journaling, I am consciously inviting in their support. I feel I am SAFE + HELD + SUPPORTED by the universe which is fundamental state to be in ESP when you are surrendering into uncertainty.

The great thing is it is extremely easy! I am exploring this method every morning + night time because consistency solidifies the energy field into manifestation even more.

What you basically do is 3 things

❶Ask for support / Give gratitude

❷ Be open to any messages / thoughts that arises throughout the day

❸ Take action to your inspired thoughts

During the journaling time, you do 2 things!

  1. Inviting in Archangel Gabriel for insights + guidance

I invite in Archangel Gabriel.

I surround myself with white + golden light

In my journal, i write down …

❶ ”Please give me guidance + assistance in (the desire I want) by (preferred time limit) with ease”

❷ Giving gratitude to Archangel Gabriel as if it has already happened and I FEEL how I want to feel by having my desires met.


  • Time limit is important as explained in the video
  • Have no attachment to this insight. Let it go. Trust in the divine timing. Just be receptive and aware of any signs
  • In my journal, I focus on what I want not on what I don’t want because scientifically speaking, in our brain we have a system called RAS. This part of our brain helps us to be focused on what we focus on which then, creates our reality. (read my other blog about visualization
  • THE FEELING part is important because our energy is linking to other timelines that resonates with your current frequency

2. Inviting in Archangel Uriel for Manifestation

I invite in Archangel Uriel

I surround myself with light green energy as I feel safe.

I feel the energy of “everything is okay. All is well”

In my journal I write,

❶ ”Please bring me insights and guidance in manifesting (desire) by (preferred time zone) in ease

❷ I envision yellow energy in my solar plexus for strength

❸ If I feel resistance in this manifestation, I give my worries etc. to Archangel Ariel. I imagine her take away and transmuting it into light.

❹ Giving gratitude to Archangel Uriel for all the manifestation she has supported you and the support she will give you in other timeline.

Tell me how this journaling feels for you!

Remember just take in what feels good for you.

Sending you love and light to your REMEMBRANCE

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